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For almost two decades, our company has been ripping out roots from residential and commercial landscapes. We use top-quality tools and equipment to get the job done safely and effectively. Tree root removal in Kansas City is a job that we're incredibly familiar with. Once we chop down a tree, the roots require removal so that a new tree does not grow in its place.

Roots can wreak havoc on a landscape when left to grow out of control and cause property damage to buildings, underground pipes, and more. Our job is to remove the roots so that they do not impede your life or cause dangerous situations to arise. Did you know that above-ground tree roots commonly cause outdoor trip and fall accidents? Our arborists have a knack for getting rid of bothersome tree roots and leaving your landscape looking beautiful.

We'll backfill any holes that are left with fresh soil and a little grass seed if that's what you desire. Another aspect of our company is that we always offer FREE consultations and estimates. So you can get on our schedule by calling or emailing the team right now.

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Do I Really Need to Hire an Expert for Tree Root Removal?

One of the main reasons it is wise to call a professional is because they have the right tree root removal tools in Kansas City. Taking out large tree roots and even small ones requires a lot of manpower, and the right equipment makes all the difference. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong during a DIY root removal adventure. So why not leave it up to us? Here are some benefits to having your tree roots professionally extracted:

  • Downed Trees are Dangerous - When a tree comes down, the roots are still intact and can be a source of injury for children and pets who might try to play on them. A professional can quickly remove the roots and the tree and take them away from your yard.
  • High Chance of New Growth - Stumps that are left in the yard are still connected to their roots, which means a new tree will soon begin to blossom. If you do not desire a new tree, you'll have to have the roots and stump quickly removed. A professional arborist is the best way to go about it.
  • Property Damage - Sometimes, underground tree roots grow out of control and can get wrapped around gas pipelines or poke into foundations. In such cases, you need a crew of arborists and contractors to remove the roots successfully.
  • Roots Attract Vermin - When old, rotting roots are either above or below ground, they can attract critters and insects. If your roots are infested, only a licensed arborist knows how to get rid of the infestation and remove the roots effectively. 
  • Trip & Falls - Some roots grow above ground and can cause significant trip and fall accidents to occur. If you remove the roots yourself and do not adequately backfill the holes left behind, you are creating another form of a fall hazard. Our arborists make sure to get the job done right.

Hiring a professional arborist for tree root removal is much easier and more cost-efficient. Would you like to learn more about our process? Please visit the company blog for a wealth of frequently updated information.


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Do You Need Tree Root Removal in Kansas City? Wait No Longer!

Have you ever wondered how to remove tree roots in Kansas City? Here's a hint: call a professional. We aren't trying to be funny, but you will be so glad that you had an experienced company remove your roots instead of blindly going at it yourself.

If you have problematic roots on your property, you'll want them to be evaluated by an arborist. Tree roots can be hazardous to your property and cause all sorts of issues to arise, such as foundation damage, pipe and plumbing problems, and in some cases, they can pop up through the flooring of your home.

After a thorough inspection, we'll determine the best course of action for your situation. We don't want to see those pesky roots cause issues to your home or landscape. Are you ready to get your FREE estimate today? Please fill out our convenient online contact form for quick access to the team.

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Kansas City's #1 Root Removal Company - We're at Your Service!

At Kansas City Tree Trimming and Removal, we're dedicated to keeping our customer's property and landscape safe from unwanted tree roots. But, sometimes, roots have a mind of their own and grow in the wrong direction or out of control. When that happens, you can depend on our crew to help you out.

We have industry-leading tools and equipment that allow us to remove roots in record time perfectly. Plus, our rates are the lowest in the local area. We're a fully licensed and insured business that follows all state and local regulations for your peace of mind. We never cut corners or slack off on the job.

You'll be happy that you chose our crew versus doing the job yourself or going with another company that makes bold promises but doesn't deliver. We're here to serve you with guaranteed epic tree care and root removal.



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