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Thinking About Land Clearing in Kansas City? We Make it Happen!

It can be overwhelming to see a plot of land covered in brush, trees, and tall grasses, especially when you want to build a new home or business. Our company makes land clearing in Kansas City an easy process. We have the right heavy-duty machinery and tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get started on your new construction project.

Do you live on a property with too many trees and bushes, and you'd like some culling to ensure your home and family stay safe? We've got it covered! Land clearing comes in many shapes and forms, and you can count on our team to have the equipment and methods to remove plant and tree life from your lot according to your specifications.

We've been in business for many years and have cleared land countless times. You'll be thrilled at what we can do. But first, let's set you up with a no-obligation consultation. Call us now to speak with our friendly arborists.

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Does Lot & Land Clearing Harm the Environment?

Sometimes, Kansas City land clearing companies get a bad reputation for taking down trees and shrubbery in order to make a landscape look better or for the production of real estate. We understand that bulldozing through places like the rainforest is counterproductive to the health of the earth. However, we aren't in the Amazon, and sometimes excess trees and bushes need to be removed in Kansas City. Here are a few benefits to land clearing that you may not be aware of:

  • Agricultural - Many farmers run out of pasture space or tillable land due to the overpopulation of forestry. Purchasing or renting a plot of land may not be an option but clearing a woodlot is. Ensuring farmers have clear land for growing food is essential for all of us.
  • Commercial, Industrial, & Governmental - When new structures like pipelines need to be built to supply the country with oil, land clearing is necessary. The same is true for new infrastructures like bridges and roads. Yet, those components are how we comfortably live life here in America.
  • Property & Wildlife Protection - A densely populated forest that surrounds your home or business can be a fire hazard. In addition, the wildlife is at risk of injury and death when there are too many trees. When trees and plants are too close together, they fight for soil nutrients and often don't get enough water and sunlight.

As you can see, not all land clearing is a bad idea, and it actually helps the environment to thrive and keep properties and families safer. Would you like to learn more? Our blog is brimming with helpful information on lot and land clearing.

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The Many Reasons for Kansas City Land Clearing. What Are Yours?

Prompting a company in Kansas City to perform land clearing is done for many reasons. Some homeowners wish to clean up their landscape a bit by having shrubs and trees removed. Did you know that not all land clearing requires 100% removal of plant life? Sometimes, we perform partial lot clearing for businesses and homeowners. Having too many trees and bushes makes a landscape look cluttered and takes away from the beauty of the home and hardscapes.

If you're trying to sell your property, you want the curb appeal to be at peak performance, and partial land clearing can accomplish that. The same theory holds true for stores, apartment complexes, and churches with tons of vegetation on their properties. It's hard to do business or hold events when trees are swallowing up the building, not to mention that it could pose liability and cause your insurance company to complain.

So, whether you're building a new parking lot, home, or simply want some trees cleared out of the way to make your outbuildings more accessible, we have what it takes to get your much-needed tree services done.

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Clearing Land is Our Specialty!

At Kansas City Tree Trimming and Removal Service, we offer professional land clearing when our customers need it most. Removing trees, bushes, and other plants from a lot is a big undertaking and should only be done by a licensed and experienced crew.

We take special care to assess the wildlife on the property before we begin the clearing process and employ the help of local DNR officers to relocate various animals. We're about preserving nature and keeping habitats safe for both animals, birds, and humans.

If you have a construction project that requires land clearing, please give us a call. Our services are available to residential, commercial, industrial, and government agencies.



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