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May 1, 2022

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Trees are very independent. They grow on your property, needing little or no help at all. However, there are times when trees become hazardous, and you may need tree removal to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe. But how do you know that you need tree removal in Kansas City? Keep reading to learn more about how and when you need tree removal services. 

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Some Obvious Signs You Need Tree Removal in Kansas City

So how do you know you need tree removal? One of the most obvious signs you need is that the tree has fallen on your house, car, or some part of your property. Usually, you experience fallen trees right after a strong storm with high winds. But trees can also fall after heavy snow or ice has caused them to collapse. Occasionally, if the tree is structurally compromised, it may fall seemingly out of nowhere without the help of a storm. No matter what way a tree falls, you may need to get tree removal in Kansas City. 

Less Obvious Signs You Need Tree Removal in Kansas City

There are times when a tree on your property hasn't fallen. But there is a strong possibility it could collapse. However, the signs are not always obvious. To the untrained eye, the tree could look perfectly normal. But an arborist can immediately spot trees that could pose a threat. Waiting until a tree falls on your property isn't the only option you have to get rid of the tree. This could cause severe damage to your property and even injury or death. Therefore, it is a good idea to be proactive about tree removal. 

An Overgrown Canopy

One less obvious sign that an arborist will uncover that indicates your tree may need removal is the overgrowth of branches and limbs in your tree's canopy. If this overgrowth has caused the tree trunk to become unstable, this could cause collapse. Otherwise, if the tree trunk is still strong, an arborist may be able to save the tree. This will rid the tree of the excess branches and limbs that aren't necessary and allow the remaining branches and limbs to grow without competing for food, light, and air. 

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Trees With V-Shaped Structure

In addition to a dense canopy, an arborist may discover that your tree has grown in a V-shaped pattern. While this isn't entirely hazardous, if the tree's canopy hasn't been cared for, this could put the tree at risk for collapse. The overgrowth of branches on one side of the tree may be heavier than the other and could cause the heavier side to snap during a storm. In some cases, arborists can save trees with this irregular shape by using cabling and bracing. They will use steel cables and bolts to connect limbs in the canopy to each other to limit movement. Limiting the movement of the limbs will prevent the tree from breaking during high winds. But this technique isn't always employed. Sometimes, if the tree is structurally compromised, an arborist will recommend tree removal to eliminate the hazardous tree before it causes damage to your property. 

Fungus and Pests

Besides a V-shaped tree, an arborist will be able to tell if your tree is structurally compromised by fungus or pests. Trees suffer from various infections such as verticillium wilt, Dutch elm disease, blight, powdery mildew, and root rot. Arborists can treat some of these to reverse the damage and bring the tree back to life. However, some diseases aren't treatable and need tree removal to keep the disease from spreading to other trees, bushes, and vegetation on your property.

In addition to fungus, an arborist may discover an infestation of pests within your tree that is causing structural damage, putting your tree at risk for collapse. Some infestations may include carpenter ants, borers, beetles, aphids, and gypsy moths. An arborist may have to treat the tree with pesticides to eliminate the pest problem and restore the tree to health. Otherwise, if the damage could collapse, they will recommend tree removal in Kansas City. 

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Why You Need an Arborist and What They Do

You don't have to wait for a tree emergency to protect you, your family, and your possessions. Getting regular tree inspections for your property every two to three years will help. Additionally, you should call an arborist if you notice that your deciduous tree isn't going through the proper cycle of shedding leaves in cold months and growing them back in warmer months. This could indicate an infection or infestation that is causing this problem. An arborist will inspect your tree, checking for unusual growth patterns. The arborist may correct these patterns with trimming and pruning or cabling and bracing. They will also look for signs the tree has an infection or has insects destroying it.  

Getting a tree inspection is more critical than you may think. It saves you from having a tree fall onto your property, causing damage or injury. Additionally, an inspection will help you remove a bad tree from your property proactively. This is critical because some insurance companies may not honor a claim for a tree that had obvious signs of distress before it collapsed. Thus, you will have to be personally responsible for the cleanup and the repairs to your house or car in such instances.

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