Choosing Tree Removal Companies: How To Pick Pro Tree Service

August 31, 2021

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Choosing tree removal companies is a vital task for any property owner, as cutting down a tree, grinding stumps, and other such tree services are often more complicated than you might realize! Many general landscaping companies simply don’t have the equipment and training needed for safe, efficient tree removal services.

When choosing a tree removal company, consider a contractor’s:

  •   Experience
  •   Services offered
  •   Crew members
  •   Warranty or guarantee
  •   Insurance
  •   Reviews

Since selecting the right tree removal company is important for ensuring your property is protected and looking its best during needed tree services, you might note some commonly asked questions about tree cutting, stump grinding, and other such care. You can then discuss any other concerns you have with a tree cutting company near you and know that you’re making the best choice for your property.

How to Choose a Tree Removal Company

choosing tree removal companies

Consider various factors you’ll want to take into account when choosing a tree removal company in more detail. This will give you a better idea of how to choose the right company for your needed tree services.


One reason that experience is so vital is that tree trimming, pruning, and removal are not services you can learn by reading a book! A contractor should have years of hands-on training and experience so he or she can get a more accurate understanding of how cut trees tend to fall, how a tree’s weight affects the direction in which it falls, how to assess tree health, and so on.

Using the equipment needed for tree cutting and stump grinding properly and safely also requires hands-on training and experience. Imagine hiring someone to drive a taxi if they’ve never actually been behind the wheel of a car, or only have their learner’s permit. In the same way that skilled driving requires years of experience behind the wheel, the same is true with safe and thorough tree removal and other such services.

Services offered

General landscapers typically do not have the experience, equipment, and know-how needed for safe tree removal. Some landscaping companies might offer general tree trimming and pruning, but a qualified tree removal contractor should specialize in tree care services and not everyday lawn mowing, landscaping, and the like.

The experience needed to remove trees safely is why you might exercise caution when it comes to a company that offers a wide range of services; if a contractor spends too much of his or her time landscaping, they might not have the skills needed to remove trees safely. A contractor that offers landscaping, lawn care, and other such services along with tree removal might be offering tree care as a means of growing their landscaping business, so they might not have the skills and equipment needed for precise tree removal and stump grinding.

Crew members

Tree removal is not typically a one-person job, but most tree cutting and stump grinding projects require at least one person to hold cables and braces while another crew member cuts the tree. Gathering up cut pieces to feed to a woodchipper is also very labor-intensive and might take one person several hours to accomplish!

selecting tree removal contractors

When choosing a tree removal company, note if a contractor has a crew working with him or her and how many crew members they expect to bring for the job. The larger the tree or the more trees needing removal, the more crew members they should bring with them!

Warranty or guarantee

A qualified tree removal contractor will offer a warranty or guarantee for their work, ensuring your property’s safety during the tree removal process. This guarantee or warranty should cover the risk of damage to fences, overhead wires, structures and outbuildings, and the like. If a tree removal contractor doesn’t offer such a guarantee, this might be a red flag that they’re not insured properly or won’t take responsibility for potential damages caused during the tree removal process.


A tree removal company should be insured, but note their coverage limits when checking on their insurance policy. Repairing damaged homes, fences, and other such areas of your property from having a tree or tree branch fall on them can cost several thousand dollars, so never choose a tree removal company that is underinsured. Ask about their policy and its limits of coverage, and choose a contractor with proper insurance.


Always check online reviews for any local contractor when choosing tree removal companies. Note that some homeowners might not realize how bare their yard will look after tree removal or appreciate how long the job should take, so take some negative reviews “with a grain of salt.” However, if you notice several negative reviews and especially if they note that a contractor didn’t show up when planned, left the property a mess, tried to charge more than agreed upon, and so on, consider moving on to another company.

Negotiating When Choosing Tree Removal Companies

tree removal company contractor

Homeowners can attempt to negotiate just about any price or service with any contractor! While you might not always be successful in securing a reduced price, you can at least start a conversation with a potential contractor about ways to save money.

As an example, you can ask your contractor if they have an off-season where work is slower so they lower their prices. Ask if there is some cleanup you can manage after the tree is cut, so they won’t need to rent a wood chipper for so long or need to bring so many crew members.

Of course, you want to be mindful of your safety and realize that cutting and disposing of wood is usually more difficult than many people realize, so don’t get overly eager about helping with the project! In many cases, it’s best to pay a professional for all the tree cutting and removal you need to have done, to keep yourself safe and reduce the risk of property damage.

Why Is Tree Removal So Expensive?

getting rid of a tree

Tree removal is often more expensive than homeowners realize but there are some good reasons why this service is so costly. Note what a tree cutting service provider might go through to remove even a small tree from your property, so you better understand the costs involved:

  • A tree removal contractor will need to inspect the property and tree itself, to decide the best way of cutting and removing the tree without the risk of property damage.
  • Trees are usually cut in sections rather than simply chopped down. A contractor will tie cables to upper branches and remove that branch or large sections of it individually, rather than just cutting down the tree at the trunk. This process is for added safety and control over how the tree falls but is very labor-intensive and time-consuming.
  • A contractor will not typically just cut right through a tree’s branch or midsection but will make many small cuts, stopping often to check if the tree starts to lean one way or the other. He or she might then need to adjust their cutting angles and techniques; this is also very labor-intensive and time-consuming.
  • Tree removal companies might need to rent or purchase specialty equipment to remove very high or thick trees. This equipment might include cherry pickers, heavy-duty chainsaws, and heavy cables or braces; in turn, they need to increase or set their prices accordingly.
  • Because trees are heavy and cumbersome and difficult to cut down safely, a tree removal company will often have several crew members on hand to assist with any trimming, cutting, and stump grinding. This obviously increases their costs!
  • A tree removal contractor might not have an easy means of disposing of that scrap wood created by tree removal. In some cases, they might need to pay a disposal company or landfill, and this increases their costs.

One other reason for steep tree removal costs is that a tree care contractor needs adequate insurance, as said. This insurance is often costly, as it not only covers the cost of damage to a client’s property but also needs to include the cost of medical care for anyone injured on the job. Permits and licenses can also be costly, so a tree care company needs to charge for their work accordingly!

Choosing Tree Removal Companies That Remove Trees for Free

If there are trees on your property getting dangerously close to overhead power lines, you can call your local power company and ask if they’ll remove or at least trim the tree for free. Some power companies will perform this service and especially in areas prone to high winds and heavy storms that might increase the chance of damage to those lines.

working with tree removal companies

Some lumber companies might also cut down a tree for free if they can keep the wood. You might not find many companies willing to do this, however, as lumber companies typically get their materials from forests created or set aside to grow trees specifically for lumber harvesting.

Homeowners should also use caution about hiring unlicensed tree removal contractors. This might be illegal in some areas and can increase the risk of property damage and injury. Unlicensed contractors are also unlikely to have sufficient insurance if they have insurance at all! Invest in a professional tree removal company when needed, to keep your property safe and avoid the risk of injury.

When Do I Need to Start Choosing Tree Removal Companies

Mature trees offer lots of shade and visual interest for a property and even improve outdoor air quality. Trees also hold moisture in the soil, avoiding erosion and runoff, for a healthy lawn. However, unhealthy and dangerous trees need removal immediately, especially if they’re at risk of toppling.

tree removal company braces tree

Note some signs that it’s time to call a tree care specialist near you, to inspect a tree and decide if it needs removal:

  • Sudden leaning might indicate that the tree’s roots or trunk are damaged beyond repair. It’s especially vital that you call a tree removal service if the tree is leaning past 15 degrees, as it might then be in danger of collapsing.
  • A tree that fails to bud or bloom, or one that is losing its bark, can be in distress or damaged beyond repair.
  • An excessive amount of mushrooms and other fungi around the base of the tree can indicate root rot and the need for tree removal.
  • Large, dead branches at a treetop might indicate damage to the tree’s roots or trunk. Even removing those branches might not be enough for the tree to return to health.
  • A hollow tree is often at risk of falling. If you notice squirrels or other animals burrowing into the trunk or see large holes along the trunk, have the tree inspected as quickly as possible.

It can also be recommended that you remove a tree growing too close to your house or another structure and if its roots are wrapped around underground pipes or cables. Those roots can wrap themselves around concrete foundations and other fixtures, risking cracks and other damage. Nonnative trees that struggle to thrive in your local environment might also be removed and replaced with trees that will grow strong and healthy on your property.

Should You Cut or Remove a Tree?

Cutting a tree rather than removing it can allow that tree to grow back; this might be recommended if the trunk was infested or damaged, and the tree can be salvaged. However, note that tree stumps are very dangerous and can cause tripping hazards while also getting in the way of lawn care and landscaping. They can also attract termites, carpenter ants, and other dangerous pests.

If you prefer to keep a tree on your property, ask your tree care company about having a dangerous or dead tree removed and replaced. Planting a new tree ensures it will grow healthy and strong while avoiding risks posed by unsightly stumps.

contractor working on tree removal services

Kansas City Tree Trimming & Removal Service is happy to provide this information about choosing tree removal companies to our readers and we hope you found it helpful. If you need a tree removed on your property, call our Kansas City tree removal contractors. We can perform a full inspection and note the best choice for ensuring healthy trees and a stunning outdoor space you’ll love.

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